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Must See's

The Official "X-Files" Site


The Haven

If you only visit one X-File's site this should be it. All the info a Phile could want.


X-Files Timeline




ROAD Runners


deslea's eXegesis


Khristine's X-Files Page


Rohan's X-Files Realm
Rohan's X-Files Realm


Hiding In The Light




X-treme X-files


Victoria's X-Files Site


Fan Fiction

~Warning: Some Of These Sites Contain Adult Fan Fic~



The Gossamer Project



More of a temporary archive, but lots of new fics each day.


Nina's Realm of the X-Treme


Mulder In Jeopardy


House Of Fanfic


Keep The Faith



After The Fact


The Cutting Room Floor


Further X-Plorations



The X-Files Lost & Found

Not a rec site, more of a 'Do you know the name of...?' site. Wonderful place to find that fic you've been looking for.


Green Iguana


Enigmatic Dr's Fanfic Favorites


Borderlands of the Yeti



my voice in the world of fanfiction

Dantzi Jean has some great fics, a cool dustjacket service, and other goodies. The dustjacket for my fic 'Even Skinner' was made by her.


Donna's Stories


Arc's Domain


Writer's Resources

The Elements of Phyle


I Want To Believe

Main site for the wonderful IWTB fan fiction discussion group. Very friendly. And I'm not just saying that because I'm a member.


Ask Dr. Scully


Beta Reader's Circle





Meredith's Music Videos


lyle's x-files music videos







This is a fantastic site with great artwork and some of my favorite music videos. Deej is also responsible for the stunning dustjacket for my story 'Not A Three Hour Tour.'


the whole damn apple

This site has a wonderful collection of intricate and beautiful artwork. It's simply fantastic. The collage on my fanfiction site is from here.


M & S Art Gallery

Definite must-see. The background on all my pages, my site banner, and a lot of the other graphics come from here.

David Duchovny

David Duchovny Archives At Chimerical Publications




Gillian Anderson



X-Files Search Engine

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Purely Self-Serving Link

Kingdom of Pindara

This is my first site. It's about the mini-series 'The 10th Kingdom." It has nothing to do with The X-Files. I just wanted to share.

Link To Me

Here's a lovely banner you can use that Belle from the Mulder & Scully Art Gallery was kind enough to make for me:

Or, if you prefer, here's a gorgeous smaller banner you can use. It's also made by Belle:

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